Silent Retreat with Nitya in Kerekerdő ~ HUNGARY ~ Mai 17th - 22nd 2022

“All desires are based on a promise for a better future.

Enlightenment is seeing that there is nothing to be gained

 and nothing to be lost.” ~ Nitya

Silent Retreat with Nitya in Kerekerdő ~ HUNGARY ~ Mai 17th - 22nd 2022
17 maj 2022 14:00 22 maj 2022 14:00


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Dear Ones,

We would like to invite you for a 5-day long Silent Satsang Retreat with Nitya in Hungary. During our meditations and Satsangs led by Nitya, we will allow ourselves to rest actively. We will regenerate, take a break from the mind and emotions, and focus ourselves on the very Essence of our one, shared being. Emma and Viktor (Jaya) will co-host this event, offering beautiful activities consisting of dance and body movement practices that will facilitate our process of awakening.

Thanks to constant contact with the teacher, each participant will have the opportunity to raise issues that are important to him / her during meetings and to clarify their doubts or fears coming from the mind. During meditations, Nitya points to the causes of psychological suffering that manifests itself in various forms. She also shows that every person is able to easily detect them and let go of them. Retreat in silence is a wonderful opportunity to see clearly what no longer serves us and what we can safely let go of.

In addition to the Meditations and Satsang meetings that awaken us to our core Essence, there are also different parts of the program planned. We plan to have workshops that will activate and move our body. Elements of daily activities such as yoga or free-flow dancing will allow participants to take care of the body - open themselves for a healthy movement and free physical expression.

Registration and information about event: 

[email protected]

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Our Team



Nitya is an awakened non-duality teacher, author of books on enlightenment and meditation. For over 10 years she has been sharing her perspective with people all over the world. She is not a typical traditional teacher or a guru. She responds to the inner call for awakening of a variety of seekers by sharing - according to her - the greatest secret of human life. During meditation retreats, lectures, and satsangs (Sanskrit “Satsang” - communing with the Truth), she shows what we really are. Nitya shares a broader, non-individual perspective and shows what is common to all people, regardless of their conditions and social status. She reaches the hearts of those who are ready to end their spiritual search, to find peace and to know their True Self. Her message is universal and non-religious.

What is Satsang? 

“Sobering up from the delusions of our mind: of  its projections and imaginations.

Satsang is a return to the ordinary. " ~ Nitya

More about Satsang, you can find here: 


Viktor (Jaya)

Jaya has been playing, singing kirtans and bhajans for 7 years. He has been leading retreats, fire walking ceremonies, ecstatic breathwork, shamanic ceremonies, somatic movement therapy workshops for 9 years. In his work he follows the guidance of Mooji and Nitya.

He believes in continuous transformation as his mission is to support and hold space for people to discover their innate capacity to reconnect with their true nature despite changing external circumstances. He used to say: “Authenticity is the key to every door.”



Emma invites you to explore a holistic embodiment approach of yoga practice in a peaceful, safe, yet disciplined space. She invites you to sink to your deeper layers of awareness. Exploring stability, flexibility, continuity, yielding and challenge, self-discovery, internal connection and external realization.

Emma started to teach dance 15 years ago and 7 years ago shifted to yoga completely. She has been leading self-discovery yoga and cacao ceremony & ecstatic dances, retreats, workshops in Sri Lanka the last 3 years.


17th - 22nd of Mai 2022 

It is not possible to participate on selected days of the event. We only accept reservations for the entire Retreat. We will end the retreat on Sunday after Satsang in the early afternoon. The exact end time will be announced closer to the event date.


The retreat will take place in a magical and peaceful place in Kerekerdő, among the Hungarian mountains. It is a beautiful 2.2 hectare area surrounded by woods and uplifting nature, close to a small town, away from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

More information about the center you can find here:


Our exploration of the Self will be supported by Satsangs, Silent Sitting Meditations, Guided Meditations and additional bodywork workshops that help to awaken to our True Nature. Yoga, dance and other workshops will be offered during the Retreat.

You will find for example:


Embodied Yoga Flow - a combination of hatha yoga, somatic movement therapy and classical tantra philosophy.  

Breathwork - an intensive method of therapy and meditation helps to release our resistance, and clear out strongly believed concepts about who we are. 

Transdance - an inner journey that expands the everyday perception of space and time. This can reveal step by step the layers of our personality, the influence of our ancestors and our relationship to the whole universe.

Bodywork - a method of self-knowledge developed from dance and movement therapy that helps you connect with your body and feelings by broadening your present perception.  

Detailed program will be announced closer to the date of the event. 


During the Retreat vegetarian food will be offered 3 times per day.


Early booking is encouraged!

Early-bird prices:

350 Euro - total cost of the Retreat - in case of accommodation in a wooden house

365 Euro - total cost of the Retreat - in case of accommodation in a pension room

After 29.04.2022 prices:

380 Euro - total cost of the Retreat - in case of accommodation in a wooden house

395 Euro -total cost of the Retreat - in case of accommodation in a pension room

The spaces are limited, you can reserve your place by sending:

100 euros deposit - in case of accommodation in a wooden house

114 euros deposit - in case of accommodation in a pension room

In case of cancellation, one month before the start of the event the deposit will not be refunded.


To register and reserve your place, or ask question please write an e-mail to:

[email protected]


Read more about Nitya on her website:

Here you find the Nitya International english language Facebook page

Also Nitya International on Instagram

You can watch video satsangs on Nitya International YouTube channel

Z całego serca dziękuję Ci za Twoje wsparcie. Jest ono dla nas bardzo ważne! Bez niego nie moglibyśmy dalej tworzyć i publikować dobrej jakości filmów z Nityą, wydać audiobooka z medytacjami oraz organizować spotkań medytacyjnych dla większej grupy osób.